Noortevahetus “Sustainable Break” Prantsusmaal – otsime liidrit ja osalejaid

Kahe nädala pikkusel noortevahetusel osalevad noored Prantsusmaalt, Kreekast, Itaaliast ja Eestist.

Noortevahtusele saadame Eestist 4 osalejat (15-17 aastased) ja ühe grupiliidri, kelle vanuseks maksimum 27. Liidril palume kandideerimisel liaks avaldusele lisada ka väike motivatsioonikiri. Samuti on liidri osalustasu vaid 25€.

Grupiliider läheb juulis ettevalmistavale kohtumisele (APV), mis toimub 25. – 27. juuli Prantsusmaal.

What will we speak about?
Through « A Sustainable Break » Youth Exchange, we would like to gather 20 youngsters from different European Countries, social and geographical backgrounds, around one common theme: sustainability. «A Sustainable Break: let’s step back on our daily life», doesn’t aim at approaching big debates such as those that are tackled at the highest levels, but to observe each participant’s daily life to question our habits. By observing a banal day, from breakfast to reading a book at night, we will talk about economics and ecology. During two weeks, youngsters will be hosted in our center and will talk about environmentally responsible behaviours.

What will you do?

Mornings will be dedicated to manual activities:
During 4 hours, youngsters will be divided and placed on several workshops : gardening, cooking, bread making and building of a small ecological straw house.
Participants will learn new ecological construction techniques and will create their own resources for the stay.

During afternoons, you will participate to:

  • Intercultural exchanges workshops, debates
  • Free time based on local discoveries and getting to know each other
  • Workshops on the reuse of clothing, on building board games

Additional activities:

  • Canoeing, tree top climbing, festival
  • Activities proposed by the participants
  • International dinner where our partners and the local community will be invited.

We don’t ask any qualification to be able to participate but motivation!

Majutus ja toitlustus on kaetud Erasmus+ programmi poolt. Reisirahadest tagastatakse kuni 275€ (APVl ja noortevahetusel mõlemal).

Kandideerimise tähtaeg:
07.08.2018 - 22.08.2018
15 - 17
95€ osalustasu ja 25€ ühekordne liikmemaks