Noortevahetus “Acting for Peace” (Prantsusmaa)

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In 2018 the 100th anniversary of the WWI will take place. The 28th of July 1914, starts in Europe a war which involved lots of countries around the world. WWI led to huge modifications in Europe States societies and set the stage for totalitarian conflicts and ideologies. Around 30 millions of people suffered from the original catastrophe of the XXth century.

At a time when citizens express lassitude and indifference towards European project, painful memories of XXth century disasters reminds that Europe future resides in an European identity. Development of an European conscience and the question of a collective memory have a central importance and more precisely, for young generations, who never experienced war and its consequences.

Aims of the project:
– promote peace and intercultural meetings
– sensitize to European citizenship and European History
– perform a play to commemorate the 100th anniversary

During the exchange, we will insist upon interculturality and the discovery of the other, which means sharing our knowledges, our opinions and our culture, especially during intercultural evenings. These evenings will be devoted to the discovery of the different countries, with food cooked by the participants as well as games and music. This project will also enable the participants to improve their English, but they will also be able to share their native languages with the others.

We planned different types of activities, so that the participants will have a very diverse and enriching experience. Our topics being wars and theatre we will take advantage of our geographical situation to visit the Armistice museum in Compiègne, a major visit considered the exchange themes. We will also visit several cities and villages hit by wars.

Reflexion times are also planned, allowing the participants to share their knowledges and allowing exterior speakers to bring new information to them. As well as these visits and speakers, participants will have workshops to accomplish goals such as organizing a final theatral representation based on writings of “poilus” of WW1. Concordia uses popular education tools, especially learning through your peers. We would like the participants to share their knowledges, to share their mutual cultures, their differences and similarities so this exchange can have an intercultural dimension.

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20.08.2018 - 29.08.2018
Tracy le Mont, Prantsusmaa
18 - 30
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