Make it Blue I & II (Italy)

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CPI16 – 31. juuli – 12. august

CPI17 – 10. august – 22. august

BACKGROUND: The work camp is organized with ACARBIO (Associazione Costiera Amalfitana Riserva Biosfera) in collaboration with the local municipality of Minori. ACARBIO is an NGO engaged in the candidature of the Amalfi Coast as Biosphere Reserve within the MAB-UNESCO programme. Its activities focus on the conservation and safeguard of the natural and historical-cultural heritage of the Amalfi Coast, by promoting any kind of sustainable development with projects regarding the environment, biodiversity, tourism, local tradition, mobility, green energy. Among the many activities of the organization, international work camps are becoming more and more important. In the past 3 years ACARBIO organized 14 work camps about cleaning of green areas, the beach, workshops for kids on recycling and up-cycling, building natural houses, etc.. These projects were organized under the name of Make it Green and Make it Blue. As ACARBIO has worked these years promoting a more sustainable approach towards Mother Nature, we believe this project represents an opportunity to raise awareness about environmental protection at local level, and at the same time promoting volunteering, international cooperation and the involvement of youth all over the world. More information about our previous Make it Blue  work camps can be found here (pictures and videos)

WORK: International volunteers will work together with local volunteers from the civil service and they will give their contribution to the achievement of the objectives. The main activities will be focused on supervising the public beach, providing assistance to the bathers by keeping the beach clean from garbage, cleaning the sea with a paddle boat (pedalo), empty the trash bins, coordinate the usage of the umbrella-beach holders and make sure they are in their places , clean the main dock of the city from the sand, initialize flash-mobs in order to draw attention of inappropriate behaviour in the beach, boot up demonstrational as well awareness waking activities (as for example collected cigarette butts were turned to 80-meter-long cigarette-butt-line). The volunteers will also be engaged in the organization of activities for children aimed to raise awareness about the protection of the sea side and the environment as a whole. They will be protagonists in the communication activities and will send an important message in favour of the environment. Volunteers will be engaged in work for 6.5 hours a day, for 6 days a week.

ACCOMMODATION: Board and lodging are guaranteed for all participants. Volunteers will stay at one of the local schools, where there will be bathrooms, showers and a kitchen. Participants will be asked to take their sleeping bag with them. The group will be responsible for preparing meals and cleaning the place. The organization will provide all the food that is needed. Public transportations are available for every day’s movements.

LOCATION: Minori is a prestigious tourist destination in the Amalfi Coast. It is a small town that counts around 2.800 inhabitants and it is famous for being an ancient vacation destination for Romans.  In fact a well preserved roman Villa was found in 1932 and now it’s one of the main attractions of the place. This town is very famous for its gastronomic tradition as well, being the place where the production of pasta was born and became an art.  Of course Minori also offers a beautiful seaside, beaches, nice promenade, stunning landscapes, one of the biggest Basilicas of the area and its bell tower.  Other famous places like Amalfi, Ravello and Positano can be visited nearby. Naples and Salerno are about one-two hours away. In this period of the year  there are several events related to local traditions, art and music all along the coast.

TERMINAL: Airport of Naples (closest) or the Airport of Rome. There are public busses that will allow participants to reach the place where they will be staying in Minori. From the Airport of Naples there is a direct bus service to the Amalfi Coast. The nearest train stations is Salerno, from which you can take a bus to the Amalfi Coast, stopping at Minori. Specific instruction on how to reach us will be provided in the info sheet.

SPECIAL REMARKS: YAP_Project Mot_form is required! This work camp is recommended for people who love sea and the nature, who are interested in the topic of sustainable development and protection of biodiversity, who are ready to have a positive attitude towards interdisciplinary practises as well as interculturalism. No specific experience is required for the project, only a lot of motivation, responsibility during the activities and desire to explore new places and help the nature and the local community.

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31.07.2018 - 12.08.2018
Minori, Itaalia
18 - 99
Projekti kood:
CPI16 & CPI17
95€ osalustasu ja 25€ ühekordne liikmemaks. Majutus ja toitlustus on kaetud.