Lühike EVS “V.I.P. – Volunteering is Possible” (Greece)

Kui pikalt Eestist ära minna ei soovi, on Kreeka lühiajaline EVS ideaalne võimalus. Oodatud on ka vähemate võimalustega noored!

WORK: Volunteers participating in the EVS will host children (6-12 years old) during their free summer time and organise a fun and divert daily schedule. They will organize athletic activities, workshops, artistic events, theatrical plays, environmental and cross-cultural education and much more. Volunteers will work with children from Monday to Friday from 8:00H to 15:00H. The first Sunday of the EVS will be a training and introduction necessary for the following weeks. Some afternoons will be used to prepare activities for the kids for the following days. The daily activity program for the children will be fixed by a team of pedagogues and introduced to the group of volunteers on the first Sunday of the EVS. The pedagogues will be present throughout the programme.

ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: Volunteers will be accommodated in a primary school in Nea Peramos. The accommodation is basic but adequate; volunteers will sleep on the floor in the classrooms of the school. Sleeping bags and carry mats are necessary. There are toilets, showers (no hot water) and cooking facilities at the school. Everyday two different volunteers from the group, in shifts, will be responsible for maintaining the group accommodation place clean, as well as for the preparation of all the meals for the group of volunteers.

LOCATION & LEISURE ACTIVITY: Nea Peramos is situated in the eastern part of the Megaris plain, on the Saronic Gulf coast, opposite the island of Salamis. Nea Peramos is 7 km east of Megara, 11 km west of Elefsina and 27 km west of Athens. From its fishing harbor, a ferryboat line connects it to the island of Salamis, close to the Monastery of Panagia Faneromeni. During their leisure time volunteers can go to the beach, visit the island of Salamis and exploring the area.

REQUIREMENTS: ELIX is looking for volunteers that enjoy working with children and will support the daily activity program. The volunteers are invited to bring games, songs, ideas, instruments and crafts for the activities with the children! Due to nature of the EVS a motivation letter from the volunteer is needed, in order for us to learn more about the volunteer, her/his ideas and motivation for this EVS. All the accepted volunteers have to provide ELIX with the original Certificate of Good Conduct.

POCKET MONEY: Volunteers are requested to fill in a bank details form. ELIX will transfer the pocket money directly to their account. The account shall be in their own name or if not applicable someone with the same family name as theirs.

TRAVEL EXPENSES: 100% travel cost covered according to the maximum travel grant of 275 euros per volunteer and following the rules as mentioned below:
• In case the total travel costs exceed maximum amounts as mentioned above, the volunteer may be asked to cover the difference of the travel costs,
• For additional travel expenses (such as bus, train, metro tickets), ELIX will refund all the costs after the end of the activity, as soon as we receive all the original tickets and boarding passes A/R,
• The total costs include the tickets (flight, train or bus) second class travels from their home country and back,
• The taxi cannot be refunded,
• Volunteers can use maximum up to 2 travel days, • Volunteers will be asked to fill in the reimbursement form (will be provided by ELIX) concerning any costs occurred.

Kandideerimiseks saada oma motivatsioonikiri aadressile estyes@estyes.ee enne 15 maid!

EVS vabatahtlik ei pea projekti jooksul tasuma toitlustuse ega majutuse eest. Lisaks antakse vabatahtlikule taskuraha. Lennupiletite maksumus hüvitatakse vastavalt läbitud vahemaale.

Kandideerimise tähtaeg:
14.07.2018 - 28.07.2018
Kreeka, Nea Peramos
18 - 30