Koolitus: Leadership from Inside Out (Ungari)

Põnev juhtimisalane koolitus kõikidele, kes puutuvad oma töös kokku juhtimisega, tagasiside andmisega ja grupidünaamikaga.

CCIVS is now launching its brand new training course sharing the 70 years experience of the network in the field of global education. We are creating high quality learning process for people who seek for advanced personal and professional development. The complete learning cycle is built up by different training modules which are constantly being developed based on learning needs of professional and international trends. Locations of the training courses by time will spread around the whole world.

Who is this course for?
“Leadership from Inside-out” is a training course for trainers, facilitators, youth workers, youth leaders, educators and teachers, who actively work with international / intercultural groups, who want to enable individuals to reach their full potential and who, above all, are keen on developing themselves as the kind of leader that makes a real difference.

What will you be doing in the 5-day programme?
You will undergo an intensive experience-based programme that will enable you to explore key leadership and cultural concepts and theories (e.g. situational leadership, Hoefstede’s cultural dimension theory) and their associated skills (e.g. observation, feedback, active listening).

There are mainly three main elements that we expect you to have in mind:
One, that you should be ready, open and committed to explore within yourself at a deep level, however challenging the journey may get;
Two, that you are also responsible for other participants’ learning and growth, not just your own; and
Three, that you come with an intention to make a real difference when you go back to your organisation or community. Your learning and transformation should be evident from the way you lead future projects or teams.

During the training, you will explore:
leadership concepts and theories
leading and being lead
group dynamics
trust in team members
self-confidence and being/talking in front of the group
intercultural learning
giving and receiving feedback
observing and being observed

400 € for people with paid jobs
360 € for students and people with no paid jobs

The contribution covers the following costs:
5-night accommodation in an UNESCO World Heritage site
food according to your dietary needs
rental of a training room with high quality equipment
training materials

Kandideerimiseks kirjuta estyes@estyes.ee

It does not cover the travel costs, visa and insurance.
This training is not funded by Erasmus+ or any other grant.

Kandideerimise tähtaeg:
11.10.2017 - 17.10.2017
Holloko, Ungari