Koolitus: ACT!ON – entrepreneurship skills for youth workers

ACT!On on koolitus noossootöötajatele, liidritele ja noortele ettevõtjatele, kes soovivad uusi oskusi ja teadmisi omandada. Kui oled valmis oma eesmärkide ja unistuste nimel vaeva nägema, siis on see koolitus just sulle!

This training course is for You if you are in support of teams creating and monitoring projects, initiatives and social businesses, and if you have ever faced with the following situations:
– You have a great idea, but you are not able to implement it
– You know why you do it, but you don’t know how to start
– You would like to get feedback on what you are doing
– You know that you need support, but you don’t know how to ask for it
– You have a new team and you don’t know how to approach them
– You are afraid to take the first action

The program is super intense, we work from the morning till late evening, in order to create the maximum opportunity for those who are willing to learn and create. The build-up of the training is similar to a sport training, every day we do a bit more and we use the previous experiences as a common base to build upon them.

Through personal development you will have the chance to improve your skills and gather knowledge in coaching and monitoring. We are going to take planning and project management skills and analyse them step by step  to create the clearest possible understanding. By doing this we practice how to use them.

Entrepreneurship is the new way of implementing ideas. It is a trainable competence an like all the other competences it needs a lot of practice, and you need to do actions in order to develop it. Through practice you have the chance to experience active participation and involvement, how you can be the creator of our own workplace and make is sustainable for yourself.

Majutus ja toitlustus on kaetud Erasmus+ programmi poolt. Reisikulud hüvitatakse kuni 275€ ulatuses

08.07.2018 - 19.07.2018
Ommen, Holland
30€ osalustasu + 25€ liikmemaks. 70€ osalustasu korraldajale