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Agape keskuse projekt Itaalias ootab endaga liituma vabatahtlikke üle maailma!

LUNAR04  “AGAPE 2”   1. -22. juuni
LUNAR07  “AGAPE 3” 22. juuni – 12. juuli

Join Agape, a place where you can share an intense community spirit in beautiful natural surroundings. Support local volunteers in managing the Centre with very different tasks. Don’t miss this enriching human opportunity.


Agape International Ecumenical Centre is a place of encounter where you can live an intense experience of community in beautiful natural surroundings. Agape was and still is an important point of reference in Italian Protestantism, being for 70 years a place of education and development, theological exploration, political engagement, acceptance and validation of differences. Every year many people, with different age and religious, cultural, political background, come to Agape to discuss and to be challenged, to get to know themselves and each other and to exchange experiences around a particular theme. Agape was built after the Second World War as a sign of hope and reconciliation between people, thanks to the voluntary work of many young men and women. A resident group still lives at Agape throughout the year. The dimensions of community and voluntary service remain central. Please visit: www.agapecentroecumenico.org to see which are the activity programmes for this period.


The work camp will support the activities of AGAPE when a number of guests have meetings on issues of political, social, cultural and religious interest. Volunteers will help in the following areas: kitchen, meal service (tables and dishes), cleaning, maintenance, bar tending, babysitting. Games, discussions and outings can be organized during free time. Programmed activities(especially in the evening) are most of the time open to volunteers, as long as they do not clash with work commitments. The place is beautiful but really isolated, though you will stay together with many international participants attending the meetings of AGAPE.


Usually the workcampers will be host in 3-4 bed bedrooms with shared toilets on the floor. The meals are typical Italian Mediterranean cuisine, with limited consumption of meat for environmental reasons, and the possibility of alternative choices for those who require a special diet.. There is a washing machine available for the volunteers.

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01.06.2019 - 22.06.2019
Prail, Itaalia
Projekti kood:
95€ osalustasu + 25€ liikmemaks