Keelelaager Saksamaal: Marburg-Marbach

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PRO-NF-09 26.08.-07.09.
PRO-NF-10 XMS 22.12.-05.01.

Language: exclusively German

Project: Host organisation is an environmental organisation: “Nature Friends” of Marburg. They have already been organising international volunteer camps for many years. It is a workcamp including German language training. The lectures will be daily, two hours per day (excluding Saturday and Sunday when the group will go on excursions). Bigger groups will be generally divided in two classes, depending on level of knowledge. One topic during the lectures will be intercultural diversities. So the basis of the lectures will be firstly communication and secondly grammar. The teachers will be native speakers, partly trained teachers, partly students. The language-course won’t have the same standard like a professional language-school, but past experiences with this concept have given very good results. In total it will be 18 hours for lectures.

Work: Main work will be in the forest, as maintenance of young stands, field mapping of new trees, planting of rare trees, searching and marking of habitat trees, waters care. Participants will also be doing various manual works to prepare the area around the house of the nature-friends for leisure activities of groups coming from the city. Time of work will be 5-6 hours daily, excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Accommodation: will be in a house with several-bed-rooms, kitchen, bathroom, showers. Cooking, cleaning, shopping etc. will be done by the group itself. Like in each workcamp, accommodation, food and travel-costs for excursions are free as well as materials/copies needed for the lectures.

Location: Marburg is a historical and picturesque old university town, 100 km north of Frankfurt/Main. It has 82.000 inhabitants, including 25.000 students (from actual 120 different countries). The camp is located approx. 2 km away from the city centre.

Terminal: Train-station Marburg-Lahn; next airport Frankfurt/Main or Frankfurt-Hahn.

Special requirements: As the language course is not for absolute beginners, participants must be able already to communicate in German, at least on a level which ensures simple communication. Participants also must be willing to communicate with each other during the camp in German and not in English or in their own mother tongue for the whole time, not only during the lectures. This is one important part of the concept.

Special remark: Because of the language-course there is an extra-fee of 160,00 EUR to be paid upon arrival. A certificate for participating in the language-course will be given at the end of the camp.

Age: 16-26 (exceptions for older volunteers are possible).

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26.08.2018 - 07.09.2018
Marburg, Saksamaa
16 - 26
Projekti kood:
95€ osalustasu ja 25€ ühekordne liikmemaks. Korraldaja küsib 160€ osalustasu. Majutus ja toitlustus on kaetud.