How do you see me? (Prantsusmaa)

Meedia teemaline projekt Prantsusmaal, võtab luubi alla selle, kuidas infoküllus meid mõjutab. Projekti jooksul osaletakse mitmetes töötubades, kus üheks teemaks on ka foto- ja videotehnika tundmaõppimine.

We live in a world with an abundance of media and information. Whether it is news, or movie, or advertising, the individual is nowadays exposed to a great quantity of images and information, and these impact heavily our way of thinking, believing, comprehending differences and society.

It’s with this statement than The Réseau d’Entraide Volontaire (REV), in partnership with Centre Socioculturel de Vergèze (Sociocultural Center of Vergèze), would like to invite you in a exchange focusing on the impact of media in our understanding of the world and our critical thinking.

  • What is the impact of medias in our representation of cultural identity?
  • Is it possible to have perfectly honest and impartial news?
  • Can one image have different meaning?
  • How can one event can be told in different ways, under different perspectives?

These are the kinds of question that will be addressed during this youth exchange.

Participants will be accompanied by media professional through workshop and debate on those topics, in order to build their critical thinking. Activities will cover the technical side (video making, sound recording, photography, and building of news) as well as the theoretical side.

Moreover, participants will have the opportunity to serve as “reporter” during the celebration of the 14th of July (French national holiday). This event will be the main subject for the participants to produce documents (audio, visual, and audiovisual) questioning the topic of cultural identity and the celebration of it during the National Holiday, as seen by young people, adults and elders alike. But there is more: the camp will take place in Vergèze, south of France, in an area called Camargue, rich with local traditions and a strong cultural identity. This will only enhance the work and the questioning of the participants.


  • To Develop a technical knowledge of photography, video making and sound recording.
  • To collectively create a media project (including image, video and sound) exploring the topic of cultural identity through the media
  • To engage in a collective experimentation questioning the influence of media in our perception of cultural differences.
  • To develop a “media literacy” and enhance critical thinking of participants.

Activities: Media workshops (photography, sound, and video), documentary making with professionals on local topic (including interviews of local personality), debate and exchange on relevant questions surrounding the topic, reporting assignment among the local population.

Practical Informations:
Who? Participants from France, Germany, Italy as well as participants from other countries. Participants must be VOLUNTEERS and INTERESTED in the topic, but no request for any special skill

Where? In VERGEZE, little town in the south of France between Nimes and Montpellier. Accomodation will be provided by the partner, the Sociocultural center of Vergèze. Participants will be hosted in the center, at the heart of the city, in a collective way.

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09.07.2017 - 30.07.2017
Projekti kood:
95€ osalustasu ja 25€ ühekordne liikmemaks