FSJ – Aastaks Saksamaale vabatahtlikuks

FSJ on hea võimalus saksa keele oskusega noortele minna Saksamaale.

Allpool on lühike kirjeldus programmi kohta ning mis tingimused on vabatahtlikule.
2018/2019 programmi leiad paremal olevast blokist, samuti ka rohkem lisainfot. Kandideerimise vormi saad “Kandideeri” nupu alt.

What is a voluntary social year (FSJ)?
The German government invented in the middle of the 60th this possibility for German youth to do voluntary service. Since that time it get very popular among German youth and today it is a very important aspect in the social sector of Germany. The general conditions are determined by law. By this law it is indicated that the organizing of the FSJ in Germany requires a German institution as the body responsible for the voluntary service. This institution – in Germany we call it “Träger” – of the FSJ has to guarantee the adequate pedagogical support of the volunteers for ex. seminars, the adequate guidance of the volunteers in the projects and the individual support of the volunteers. The FSJ is invented as a program for German youth, but the law is offering also the possibility to include people from abroad into the program.

Ijgd is accredited as such a “Träger” since more than 30 years. In the beginning of the 90th we begin to develop concepts to integrate people from abroad into this program and to offer them an adequate intercultural training and a structure of support which the specific problems in mind that young people in a new cultural environment can face. Even so the volunteers should have in mind that this is a national program and both the conditions determined by law and the expectations of the projects are go along with the needs of German youngsters.

Due to the fact that volunteers from abroad need accommodation from our wide range of projects we can only offer a few projects for incoming volunteers: those projects who can offer accommodation on optional base. It is possible for homes for handicapped people and very few other projects. Tthis program requires a strong commitment of the volunteers.

Expectation towards the volunteers:
• The applicants should be between 18 and 26 years old.
• The applicants should have a good German knowledge
• The applicants should be motivated to work with handicapped people (this could also include the personal hygiene)
• The applicants should be motivated to integrate themself in Germany

Conditions of FSJ:
• The volunteers are working full-time, that means 40 hours a week. The work is in shifts and often also on week-ends. Mostly they work 5 days a week but there are also working places who expect 6 working days a week.
• The volunteers receive pocket money of 165,00 Euro, a lump sum for food of around 236,00 Euro and accommodation
• The volunteers are entitled to 26 days of holiday (if they have 6 working days a week they will have more holidays).
• A contract states the conditions of the voluntary service
• The volunteers receive a certificate and a qualified report at the end
• The registration in the German social security system is obligatory
• There are no funds for international travel, no financial support for sending
• The volunteers get a pedagogic support of 25 days of seminar
• The duration is 6 – 12 month. Our projects prefer people who come for 12 month.

01.02.2018 - 31.12.2019
18 - 26