EVS: Youth and Holiday Centre Vasatokka

Kandideeri kohe Lapimaale EVSile!

Vasatokka is one of the 10 national youth centres in Finland that specialize in providing a safe operating environment for young people to experience, learn, and have adventures that encourage personal growth. We offer support to educators and service to national and international youth activities. We arrange camp schools, international camps, group work days for schools, nature camps and small meetings and parties. Vasatokka is also a hostel-rate resort that provides accommodation and restaurant services and holiday activities for guests and groups.

Vasatokka is located in the municipality of Inari in Northern Lapland’s countryside, in the heart of ancient Sámi culture. Surrounded by arctic hills, rivers and lake scenery and near the wilderness area of Muotkatunturi, the environment is characterized with three Lappish cultures: Inari Sami, North Sami and Skolt Sami.

Proposed activities:

The volunteer’s work consists of leading different youth groups in for example camp schools, clubs, international student and youth exchanges and camps. The volunteer will work with experienced instructors in nature activities, such as GPS orienteering, ice fishing, skiing and wilderness survival. S/he will also participate in organising events with the local sports club. The volunteer will develop his/her skills in working with people, caring for nature and coping with extreme conditions. Strong seasonal variations are typical for Vasatokka which means that at times there is a lot going on and at other times it is quieter.

Profile of the volunteer:

We are looking for a person who enjoys peaceful nature environment and outdoor activities. We expect flexibility, sense of initiative and good social skills. Sportiness is an asset. The volunteer should be comfortable with living in a remote community with long distances in Northern Lapland.

Practical arrangements:

The volunteer will live in Vasatokka in a two-bedroom apartment which s/he shares with potential other trainees. The apartment has a kitchen, living-room, toilet and shower. Lunch/dinner is provided to the volunteer when there are groups dining. Otherwise the volunteer will get food allowance for preparing his/her own meals. A bike and a kicksledge are provided for moving around and the staff can give a lift to the store if needed.

Huvi korral saada oma inglise keelne CV ja motivatsioonikiri estyes@estyes.ee

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01.01.2018 - 30.06.2018
18 - 30