EVS Venemaal – töö laste ja noorte taastusravikeskuses (1 kuu)

EVSi teenistust on võimalik alustada jaanuarist-aprillini 2019. Olenevalt alustamise ajast on teenistuse pikkuseks 1-5 kuud.

Description: The project is organized by Smolensk regional public youth organization “Rassvet-S” on the base of a rehabilitation center for children and youth “Cherry”. The center was opened in 1981 as a children’s health-improving camp. Since 2006 it became a rehabilitation centre for children. Every year the center hosts about 3000 children. The children come there for rehabilitation for different periods from 3 weeks till half a year. There are children with different kinds of disabilities: with infantile cerebral paralysis and other physical and mental disabilities. This year the project celebrates its 10th anniversary.

Work: Volunteers will help to organize the entertaining activities and sport games for the children. Also they will help tutors in the activities aimed at the social rehabilitation of disabled children: games, painting together, organizing workshops. – Volunteers together with children will attend hiking tour and will be asked to help tutors to take care of the children and help with technical things like cook food, make fire, set tents etc. – Also volunteers will be asked to organize open-air events for children who live in the Center and other children in the city: concerts, games, workshops. – Help with renovation of the center (cleaning, painting, etc)

Accommodation: The volunteers will stay in the center building, in rooms for 6-10 persons, with a common hall, in a building with all facilities (bathroom, toilet, it is also possible to organize laundering for the volunteers). Meals will be prepared in the canteen.

Documents: Volunteers should provide the following document from their doctor that they are healthy and can work with children:

HIV, AIDS test (in case of positive result, volunteers will still be allowed to attend the project)
Confirmation from your doctor that you don’t have any transmittable diseases

Location: Smolensk region, the distance: 370 km from Moscow.

Note: The city has a lot of historical, architectural and cultural sights. The most interesting sight is of course Smolensk Kremlin that was built in the 16th century. On the Kremlin walls you can visit some museums, including the Thunder museum and the Museum of Russian vodka. Also Smolensk is one of the towns where you can see some very old churches of the 11th- 12th centuries.

Leisure time: having picnics in the forest, making a tour in Smolensk city. The volunteers will be able to visit Smolensk Kremlin and the most interesting museums, including a Second World War museum and a Diamond processing factory. Also a trip to a national park “Smolensk lakeside” is planned. Volunteers will have opportunity to see real Russian village.

Huvi korral saada oma inglise keelne CV ja motivatsioonikiri estyes@estyes.ee

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