EVS Soomes – töö laste ja noortega (12 kuud)

Soomes saab vabatahtlikuna abistada noortekeskustes, koolides, lasteaedades ja huvikoolides. Leia endale sobiv projekt ja õpi naaberriiki paremini tundma!

Tutvu projektikirjeldustega infokirjas.

Youth department of Seinäjoki
The City of Seinäjoki youth services provide teenagers with guided leisure-time activities, clubs, camps, trips, influence groups, and online services. The activities are open for all teenagers. We have trained youth workers who are in charge of the activities. The main purpose of Youth Department of City of Seinäjoki is to organize the specified services ordered in the Youth Legislation for young people under 29 years of age. We are also supporting organisations and action groups with grants and in other ways, youth information and counselling services, as well as, multi professional and international cooperation. The Youth Department works closely with other youth work organisations, in the field of social work and education.

During the EVS project, EVS volunteers can instruct games, perform, teach different things about their countries and just interact with the young people. Each volunteer service will be planned as an individual project. Activities can vary, depending on the skills and interests of the volunteers.

Youth department of Ranua
Youth, sports and culture office of Ranua is a governmental, non- profit unit, which works under the Municipality of Ranua. The youth and sports office is responsible for the local youth club, music facilities, camping site, exercising areas, camping Centre and youth workshop among many other places and events. Working together with the local organisations, schools, projects and local authorities, youth and sports unit is strongly concentrating on international issues and European dimension. The office has a very a wide range of tasks. It provides activities and events for the youth and at the same time develops new projects to enliven the variety of choices.

Youth department of Kaskinen
Youth department of Kaskinen is part of Kaskinen town structure. They aim is to provide Youth and Sport services for young people. By to Youth work Act of Finland municipalities have to serve all children and young people from 0 to 29 years old. The youth department maintains the youth house for children and youngsters. It is a place where young people can play different games, look videos, listen music and play billiard. There is also rehearsal rooms for bands. Further tasks to the youth department are after-school clubs and –activities and close co-operation with the local secondary school and kindergarten.

Volunteer’s tasks are working with young people in Youth Activity Center, organizing evening happenings for young people in local surrounding villages. Visit in schools, afterschool club for children. The week schedule changes between school, youth center and with other happenings. The basic workplace is the youth house and youth office at school. The visits in schools will be a part of the volunteers’ work, however, up to now this was rather an eventual task. The right volunteer might be able to develop this cooperation. It is also possible that the volunteer helps in the language-lessons in the schools if the language skills match with the schedule and the level of the schools (this could be several lessons per week). There is also the possibility that the volunteer teaches his/her language(s) in an own course in the youth house.

Youth department of Lapua
The Youth Department of Lapua Town is a local authority and our aims are to assist the youth and develop youth conditions. We are liaising with Youth Associations. We work with the Youth House management. We are responsible for the maintenance of leisure places and camps. We organise free time activities, do consultations and work with international relations. The main group we work with is youth between 8 – 16 years, for international matters youth over 16 years.

One of the Youth office aims is also prevention of youth’s smoking and usage of alcohol and drugs. This work includes close contacts with local schools and youth organisations. The implementation of the purpose is based on communality, solidarity, equity and equality, multiculturalism and internationalism, healthy lifestyles, and respect of life and the environment.

Previous volunteers have been working mainly in Youth Department but also assisting in local kindergarten, visit in language lesson in schools, visit in global education activities, doing projects in swimming pool-, culture office, 4H- club, done different brochures and videos. We can offer many interesting activities and use volunteers own strengths and talents in the project in the future. This is the best way to have more promotion for EVS program in our town and region.

Kokkotyö Foundation

Kokkotyö-foundation is an organisation specialized in activating persons with challenges in finding employment. It supports and trains individuals in their working skills and in coping in their everyday life. The aim is to encourage them forward into working life or studies and give them learning opportunities and work experience. The target group is adults. Kokkotyö-säätiö has 10 workshops with employed personnel working together with the trainees. The workshops offer products and services to their clients (individuals, associations, and companies) and the workshops serve as a tool in training the working skills. Also, all the trainees have an individual trainer helping them with different issues in their personal life.


Kandideerimiseks saada oma ingliskeelne CV ja motivatsioonikiri kati.paasila@kokkola.fi lisades kirja koopiasse evs@estyes.ee. Sobivate kandidaatidega viiakse läbi Skype intervjuu.


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