EVS Hispaanias 1-2 kuud

Haruldane võimlus valida ise, millal Hispaaniasse EVSi tegema minna!

The short-term EVS project will involve 10 young people (50% of them less opportunities) from Europe who want to develop their skills and competences, get international
experience as EVS volunteers, learn about different European countries and cultures. Project is designed for volunteers who would like to spend active month of being involved in our Alliance workcamps. If they have artistic skills they will have the opportunity to participate in the street theater (Donkey Caravan project) as well as other work sucha as fire prevention in Calpe and touristic promotion in Altea.

Work – main activities that EVS volunteers will be involved in:
During the summer season 2017 De Amicitia will organize around 30 workcamps/youth
exchanges and other projects and will need the support of volunteers to:
1) be a campleader, leading an international workcamp. Open for a volunteer with previous experiences in workcamps.
2) be supporter of a workcamp: supporting the campleader or promoting any of the campaigns in which De Amicitia is involved. Open mainly for a volunteer with low or no experience in workcamps.
3) be a member of Donkey Caravan: Participating and leading a workcamp.
4) support other local projects such as fire control in Calpe or touristic promotion in Altea

To support or lead workcamps they will start participating in a workcamp as normal volunteers or get a training immersed in our activities, getting to know the way we work and prepare themselves for their project, participating in practical and theoretical training. We have a plan of individual training of the volunteers for their personal development through which they can enjoy further benefits of the unique international volunteering experience that EVS is offering.

EVSi toimumisaja saad endale ise valida, valikus on 10 eri perioodi:

  1. From 30 June till when they wish
  2. From 2 July till when they wish
  3. From 6 july til 6 Agust. + 20 y/o
  4. From 13 July till when they wish + 20 y/o MALE
  5. From 1-31 August
  6. From 1-28 August + 20 y/o MALE
  7. From 1 July to 31 August (minimun 30 days)
  8. From 15 June to 31 August (minimun 30 days)
  9. From 3 July till 31 July
  10. From 2 July till 3 September (minimun 2 workcamps)

Kandideerimiseks saada oma inglise keelne CV ja motivatsioonikiri aadressile estyes@estyes.ee

EVS vabatahtlik ei pea projekti jooksul tasuma toitlustuse ega majutuse eest. Lisaks antakse vabatahtlikule taskuraha. Lennupiletite maksumus hüvitatakse vastavalt läbitud vahemaale.