ESC Rootsis – vabatahtlik töö projektide põnevas maailmas (12 kuud)

Rootsi organisatsioon Globala Kronobergi otsib oma kontorisse eestlasest vabatahtlikku. Vabatahtlikul on võimalus tutvuda lähemalt projektide põneva maailmaga ning abistada organisatsiooni meedia ja kommunikatsiooni alal.

Globala Kronoberg is a center for international projects in the region of Kronoberg, Sweden. We coordinate, host and send EVS-volunteers and we inform youngsters and local associations about international projects. We are cultural-exchange enthusiasts so we try to motivate young people to participate in international exchanges. We also organize courses, fairs and trainings.

Work-schedule and team
One work-day in our organization can consist in visiting a school to inform about EVS, helping EVS-volunteers to get settled Växjö or planing an summer camp. The volunteer will work between 9.00 and 16.00 every day and will have 2 free-days per week and total of 24 vacation-days during the project. As a volunteer you will work in a team of 6-8 people who are volunteers, interns, project leaders and project assistants.

Volunteer’s role and tasks
The volunteer’s role in this project is to assist in arranging activities and developing projects.
Here are some examples of tasks for the volunteers:
– Create promotional material about our activities such as flyers, posters and invitations
– Update social media (Facebook, blog, twitter) news, pictures, activities, etc
– Plan, prepare and arrange local activities for young people (volunteer meetings, cultural presentations, international camps)
– Plan, prepare and arrange introduction for new EVS volunteers
– Plan, prepare and arrange presentations about EVS and international projects in different places in the region (employment office, schools, youth organizations)
– Create media material to promote EVS in the Region
– Document activities through films, pictures and texts

Food and meals
The volunteers receive food-money and pocket every month. The pocket money will be 115 euros

Accommodation and transport
The volunteer will live in shared apartment either outside Växjö or in the City, having his/her own room and sharing bathroom, kitchen and other common areas. The volunteer will get either a bus card or bicycle to commute, depending on the distance from our office to the housing. There is Internet in the accommodation.

Växjö and Kronoberg
Växjö is a municipality of 80.000 inhabitants in the region of Kronoberg, in the south of Sweden. It s situated 3 hours train-travel from Copenhagen, Denmark and 5 hours from Stockholm. More about Växkö and Kronoberg here:

Candidates’ profile and recruitment process
We are looking for a volunteer who:
– is interested in international projects and cultural exchanges
– enjoys working in a team with people with different backgrounds
– is flexible and creative, enjoys both office work (planing, meetings, brainstorming, administration) but also enjoys organizing activities with young people (such as info-presentations, meetings, workshops, etc)
– is interested in digital and social media

Current vacancy for: 1st May 2019 – 30st April 2020


Kandideerimiseks saada oma inglise keeles CV ja motivatsioonikiri enne 25. märtsi aadressil lisades kirja koopiasse Kirjale pane pealkirjaks “Globala Kronoberg’s project”, et organisatsioonil oleks lihtsam aru saada, millisesse projekti kandideerid.

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Kandideerimise tähtaeg:
01.05.2019 - 30.04.2019
Växjö, Rootsi
18 - 30