Discover the ancient roots of Calabrian Pollino (Italy)

A jump into the roots and ancient traditions of southern italy with Legambiente Pollino and ancient crafts, discover the roots in the montains.

PROJECT: San Lorenzo is a small town where large part of the economy depends on pensions, small business, catering, and tourism seasonal jobs in the summer for the City or for the Park Authority.It is affected also by a strong aging  depopulation as many villages in the south of Italy.

An important resource for the place is the maintenance of natural resources and the recovery of ancient productions and skills. The recovery of this traditional activities could be for the town very important in terms economic, social and environmental equilibria.

During the past years, the local Association “I Ragazzi di San Lorenzo Bellizzi” (IRSLB), worked on  pursuit of the two basic objectives : the memory of the old and the development for the new.

Since three years IRSLB in collaboration with the Municipality  is working to fight the abandonment of rural areas, proposing the owners or olive groves  to take them on loan in exchange for their recovery and the subsequent restart of olive production. There are many abandoned olive groves in the municipal territory for the most varied reasons. Some owners, who live in the village, do not take care of it because they are elderly or otherwise not interested, others have emigrated other have died.

In the first olive grove loaned by  IRSLB, there is also a stone “haystack” that can be recover as a deposit for tools and a point of reception for school children in visits organized for educational purposes.

The City has restored two houses along the same road and plans to build a “Museum of ancient crafts”. Always along the same axis there are two bakeries in activity.The vision will be the “Path of bread and oil” that connects the history of local work and traditional products that still exist, such traditional bread and sub-products and olive oil in one single journey.

The activity of the project will sustain the action for the recovery the olive groves the haystack and the oil mill inside the vision of the “Path of bread and oil”and valorization of ancient production and skills.

The works will be made together with IRSLB, the municipality and the local youth groups.

LOCATION AND LEISURE: The territory of San Lorenzo is a small treasure trove of beautiful landscapes. To the left of the San Lorenzo timp, the Raganello river returns to the light from the narrow cleft of the Gole di Barile that the great Timpa forms with the Timpa di Cassano, In the valley, the farms and cultivated land contrast nicely with the rugged and wild environment of the Timpe. On San Lorenzo territory there is a large part of the Raganello Canyons. During the first weekend of the camp a visit to Pollino park along the ancient roots of Brigants will be organized for the volunteers of the camp. The initiative will comprise an experience in the tent in the Pollino. During the second week end of the camp a guided visit to the “Gole del Raganello” with a torrentism experience will be organized for the volunteers of the camp. During the half of the second week a day to visit the neighbour seasides and “Ninfe therms” will be planned..

WORK: Acclimatization Works The first introducing activities will be collection of garbage, on natural heritage sites and route path both to valorize and sensitize the local population on the preservation of natural heritage. Olive groves recovery The works on olive groves recovery will consist in eliminating weeds, cutting down shrubs and, in general, plants that have nothing to do with the olive grove and have grown spontaneously over the years, removing stones and all that is needed to prepare for recovery of the plant, from pruning to fertilization to subsequent plucking. The “Way of oil and bread”: Haystack and Oil mill cleaning and Museum of Ancient Craft The Way of oil and bread will be valorized by the works on the haystack and Oil mil and “Museum of Ancient craft” that will be cleaned for renovation in order to leave the perimeter wall clean from residues from stones, tiles and beams of the collapsed roof, wild plants, etc.). Study part: At the end of the daily activities during the workcamp seminars session will be organized on: • Brigants and history of Calabria, • Rural life, organic oil production • Local traditional Kitchen • Mountain life • The value of water (before the visit at Raganello). A class of “dialect language” will also take place from the second week in the evenings from 19.00 to 20.00. Furthermore the volunteer will be actively involved in the preparation activities of the annual initiative of “Saperi e Sapori”, a traditional fest on the street of the town that connect the gastronomic tradition to cultural roots and town heritage. Visit to the Archelogical Site Standing to the availabilty of the participant it will be possible to visit the archeological site of greek ruins of Palmanocera and the preistorical finds in “Grotta Sant’Angelo” Visit to the Museum “Come eravamo” During the period of the workcamp will be open and free to visit the realism museum “Come Eravamo” with the photos of the recent past of the town and its inhabitants in their everyday work.

ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: The volunteer will resides in the Casa Parco shelter and can benefit by a convention with the local restaurants. No internet

TERMINAL: Local Train Station: Trebisacce station, (Last bus at 16.00) Plane: Lamezia Terme (SUF) . Aeroporto di Bari Palese (BRI) See also: By Bus Autolinee S.A.J. See also: REQUIREMENTS: Nothing particular, even attitute to work in group and enjoy an experience in rural and traditional site Language: English will be the official language in the camp. Italian knowledge is welcome.


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