Cultural Heritage Preservation and Promotion (China)

Fuzhou city has a long history of rich cultural heritage and resources that had profound impact on the Chinese history and modern celebrated culture.

It has been named the “Hometown of Scholar and Talent” and the “City of Culture”. Many folk arts from years of heritage and techniques, such as bamboo knitting, hand-made mounting pictures, paper cutting art, songs, etc., had been passed down through many generations can be discovered in this city. However, in today’s modern society where many products are mass-produced by machines, the art of practicing traditional craftsmanship faces the brink of extinction. Finding passionate new generation of young people who are committed to its practice and its teaching to the next generation is a challenge, and these once loved folk arts are losing in popularity compared to the modern taste. Educating the public of their value and importance, in addition to teaching of why and how to appreciate these forms of art are all important in preserving the cultural heritage of the city and the country.

Project Aims:
• Promote the preservation of traditional Chinese art and craftsmanship
• Enhance international exchange and folk art and culture
• Inspire future changemakers who are impactful towards arts and cultural heritage preservation

Meals and Accommodation: Workcampers will be staying in a school dormitory or a Buddhist temple. Simple meals will be provided three times a day at the cafeteria within the school or the temple. Temple serves only vegetarian food. Volunteers need to bring sleeping bag.


• Observe and learn Chinese art and culture, such as calligraphy, carving, and paper cutting.
• Organize a charity sales of the local and international art & cultural products towards the end of the workcamp
• Participate in discussion on changemaking stories or ideas on arts and cultural heritage preservation whether they are from your country or from others
• Assist the daily work of the school or the temple

Local Partner Description: “Zhao Shu Chong” Micro Public Service Youth Volunteer Association is a registered non-profit organization formed by University and high school volunteers. The aims of this educational and cultural organization are to “Serve the Society” and “Promote Culture and Civilization”. With the value of improving social atmosphere and development, “Zhao Shu Chong” enhances the integrated capability of youth through cultural preservation, educational support and caring of left-behind children.

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11.07.2018 - 19.07.2018
Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province, Hiina
Projekti kood:
95€ osalustasu ja 25€ ühekordne liikmemaks