“Recovery of Historical Heritage” Hispaania

Arheoloogiateemaline projekt kaunis Castilla y León'is Hispaanias.

It’s located in an area of high environmental and human value. Declared UNESCO biosphere reserve, we have done workcamps since 1999. We combine services to the community, as the recovery of archeological heritage, with multiadventure activities and
knowledge of the customs and culture of the local population.

Conditioning and archaeological excavation Castro de La Muela, settlement from the end of the second Iron Age to roman times (2nd century BC-1st century AD). It is situated 1 km. from Villablino (Laciana valley). The tasks proposed for the workcamp will consist primarily of the clearing and surface cleaning of the archaeological remains that brought to light the previous research in La Muela site. Next, it is planned to open two areas of excavation dividing the participants into two groups to begin the works with the supervision of a Project officer and two assistant archeologists. Volunteers will be taught the methodology of archeological work (digging, drawing to scale, documentation in the field diary, stratigrapchi sequence, collection of remains) and to recognize the different types of findings according to their material (metal, clay, stone, glass…). Finally, it will be proposed to use two or three afternoons to the laboratory processing of the material found: Washing, stamping, cataloging, labelling…

Housing in berths, with dining room, gym for multiple uses, showers and sport centre. Swimming pool 200 m away. The food is varied, usually with three courses. They cook some of the typical foods of the country. There may be special menus for people of other cultures, vegetarians, celiac or any type of food intolerance. If there is someone who does not like certain food, you can also ask for something alternative.

Visit to diferent places of touristic and ethnographic interest in the area. Nature activities: hiking through Brana de Mumian, climbing in the climbing wall, caving in the Ensancha cave, mountain biking along the ruta verde, canoeing in the pantano de las Rozas, archery. Two days of hiking and camping at el Pais de las Branas.
Workshops of Laciana traditional culture: sports, cooking, baking and dances.
Other workshops: juggling, bracelets, cabochons and latin dances. Archeology techniques workshop. Visit to the el Cornon honey beekeeping center. Group sports basketball and volleyball – we have spaces to play in our free time. Pool – possibility to go every day.

Languages: Spanish, English

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23.07.2019 - 06.08.2019
Villablino, Hispaania
18 - 30
Projekti kood:
95€ osalustasu + 25€ liikmemaks